PaperPoint Presentation Tool

PaperPoint is a simple but very effective tool for giving PowerPoint presentations. The slide handouts are printed on Anoto paper together with some additional paper buttons for controlling the PowerPoint presentation. A Digital Pen is used to remotely control the PowerPoint presentation over wireless Bluetooth technology.

The PaperPoint printouts of the slide handouts contain various buttons for interacting with the PowerPoint application. Below each slide there is a ‘Show’ button which is used to switch to the corresponding slide in the digital presentation. Further, a user can point directly to a slide, which switches to the corresponding digital slide version, and annotate the digital version by writing on the printed slide. At the bottom of each page, there are additional ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons for giving linear presentations and a ‘First’ and ‘Last’ button to jump to a presentation’s first or last slide, respectively. A first evident benefit of the PaperPoint application is the fact that the presenter no longer has to stand next to the computer to control the slide presentation. The slides can be navigated remotely by pen and paper via a Bluetooth connection, which provides more freedom to the presenter for interacting with the audience. However, many other devices are available for controlling presentations remotely including wireless mice or even more specific presentation aids. While it is convenient to control the slide presentation remotely, this is not a unique feature of the paper-based user interface.